CREC’s Transportation Office coordinates transportation to more than 40 towns and 140 schools on more than 200 routes. Transportation is offered in centrally located stops by zone, instead of door-to-door transportation often provided by local school districts. 

Providing inter-district transportation is a very complex task. We work with students, families, schools, and bus providers to coordinate transportation. Our staff is available to assist parents with concerns they may have and to orient students and their families to the inter-district transportation process. 

In addition to CREC Schools, CREC also provides transportation to students attending Hartford-operated magnet schools, Open Choice suburban schools, State-Vocational-Agricultural Schools, and State-Vocational-Technical Schools.

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The inclement weather procedure for the Regional School Choice Office (RSCO) transportation is different from most school districts. It is important that all families understand the procedure outlined below. If for any reason you have questions about this procedure, please contact us at: 860-524-4077 or [email protected].

• If your child’s school is closed, no transportation will be provided. 
• If your child’s school is open, but your home town’s schools are closed, transportation will not be provided from your town. You may drive your child to school that day but you must also make arrangements to return your child home as transportation will not be provided. 
• If your child’s school has a delayed opening, but your home town’s schools are on schedule, the bus will run on a delayed schedule. 
• If your child’s school is open on time, and your home town’s schools have a delayed opening, the bus will operate on a delayed schedule (the delay may be later than you home town’s schools if the bus serves multiple towns; please see below). 

-- If your child rides a bus that serves multiple towns, the bus operates on the schedule of the town with the longest delay. Families should be aware of which towns their child’s bus serves. That information can be found on the Inclement Weather page.

-- Example: If children from Bloomfield and Windsor are transported on one bus to the Classical Magnet School in Hartford and Hartford is on time, Bloomfield has a two hour delay, and Windsor has a 90 minute delay, the bus will run on a 2 hour delay because that is the longest delay on that bus route. 

You can find delay and closing schedules on the radio, television, or internet. Schedules are also posted online at and

During stormy weather, the Transportation Call Center will be staffed to answer emergency calls. Please understand that during inclement weather days, it is not unusual to experience a high volume of calls in the Call Center. Please assist us on these days by using our Call Center only in the event of an emergency, severe delay, or if your bus does not arrive. 

There is no perfect solution to transporting students in bad weather; however, your child’s safety is our first priority. Buses operate slower to be safe, delays occur due to accidents and poor road conditions, and students must sometimes wait in undesirable weather. We appreciate your patience, understanding, and cooperation on these challenging days. 

We want to make sure these guidelines are clear and helpful. Please do not wait for inclement weather to occur to get answers to your questions. If for any reason you have questions about this procedure, please contact us at: 860-524-4077 or [email protected]

We look forward to working with you to ensure a safe ride for your child.

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