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World Languages 

The CREC Magnet Schools World Language curriculum prepares students to communicate and appreciate the diverse cultures and languages that surround us and that are necessary to be members of a 21st Century global community. The curriculum follows the CT Common Core of Learning World Languages, based on ACTFL guidelines.  CREC schools have unique programs of studies, please check your schools course catalogue to determine what language options are offered at that school.  Depending on the elementary school, students will be exposed to language and culture in a communication based curriculum.  During middle school, most programs have exploratory classes and start students with their first year of language learning. Then in high school students have the opportunity to take  4 years of the same World Language with the goal of achieving the CT Seal Of Biliteracy. The Connecticut State Seal of Biliteracy (Seal of Biliteracy) was established to recognize public high school graduates who have attained a high level of proficiency in English and one or more languages. Click HERE for more information about this program at CREC. 

Program Overview

PreK - Grade 5

Students in select elementary schools will learn basic greetings and vocabulary and how to talk about themselves and others in their immediate surroundings. Cultural holidays and traditions are explored.

Languages offered: Spanish and Chinese

Grades 6-8

Students in select middle schools will establish vocabulary to speak in about themselves and their immediate environment as well as learn about the different cultures.

Languages offered: Spanish and French

Grades 9-12

Students that have not completed middle school Spanish or French, will start learning how to talk about themselves and the world around them. In the following years, they will learn to talk about what they like to do and narrate stories about themselves and others in various time frames. In advanced courses, they communicate about abstract topics like identity, the future, global issues like the environment and other global challenges.

See the High School Curriculum Guide linked here.

Languages Offered:

Spanish, French

How to Support Your World Language Student at Home:  

  • Have students watch tv and movies in Spanish with Spanish subtitles. 

  • Explore websites that offer bilingual materials or practice language online

  • Attend community events that celebrate different cultures

Resources for Parents at Home:

(Pink-  Appropriate for Elementary, can be used for middle school as well)

For more information, please contact the World Languages Curriculum Facilitator,

Elke Hernandez, at [email protected] 

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